Tech Roll-Out is Underway

Since Presenting Australian Premier Finance Company (APF) at the WI Capital 2020 Virtual Conference in June, APF are proud to announce that they had previously invested in, and have released to market, some incredible technology to increase efficiencies in loan services to their national distribution channel and directly to their customers. APF now offer Process Flow Controlled Digital Signing of Loan Contracts (with PKI encryption). This process is Seriously Secure, Seriously Easy to Sign, Seriously Timesaving, Seriously Legally Binding and it positively changes the way their customers and channel introducers can have their loan contracts digitally signed on any device with Secured Signing. ‘From video confirmation, Two Factor Authentication by SMS and audit logs, to time stamps, [negotiations], effective/contract execution date stamp and witnesses’ – APF has the process covered.

Having released the Tech to market toward the end of the second week of the month of June 2020, the uptake on Digital Contract Signing through their existing Finance Broker Channel has been well received with June Sales up 50% on the previous month.  Their expectation is this will continue to increase over the months ahead. APF is dedicated to raising debt capital to meet the ensuing demand. With over 17 years of successful relations with private investor/lenders, they think there is no better time than now to participate in the growth of APF. Their offer is simply to borrow debt capital from you over a mid to longer term, with fixed interest returns.

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About Australian Premier Finance 

Australian Premier Finance (APF) delivers Automotive Finance to eligible consumers throughout Australia. Our loans are designed to meet the customers’ needs and financial situation, while adhering to the strict regulatory lending requirements required of credit providers. Our aim is to provide clients with transparency and high-quality services that surpass all others and our success has translated into delivering steady and high returns for our investors over the past 17+ years.

The Australian Bureau of Statics reports that indicatively 90% of all car sales are arranged through finance, with 39% arranged through Dealerships, and 61% through other sources. It is also reported that Finance commitments for motor vehicles was $35.7 Billion in 2017, and that remains steadily equivalent to the 2% of nominal GDP reported in 2007. Long story short is the current and future market size for vehicle finance in Australia is large. APF seeks continual capital funding to enable the expansion of our business to meet this ongoing demand.

As a potential Investor/Lender with APF, it is important to point out we retain several seed investors from 2003, with full and on-time interest repayment histories. Each exiting lender to date has also received full principle and interest repayment, establishing APF as a sound and profitable investment for your consideration.

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