Telstra & SWAN Systems join forces in further Product Development

SWAN Systems is excited to announce the recent signing of a Collaboration Agreement with Telstra Services Ltd.  The parties will work collectively on the development of a farm management platform where SWAN’s existing software will provide a precision irrigation management module for a specific targeted market.

Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications company and with its expanded Narrowband IoT network being in place and operational they cover over 4 million square kilometres of the country. With the move to digitisation in Agribusiness this coverage for real-time telemetry and data acquisition will be critical for our country’s advancement. This makes Telstra an ideal partner for SWAN’s expanding business that incorporates the collection and aggregation of data, often in remote agricultural regions.

At the Evoke Ag tech conference in Melbourne earlier this year, Telstra’s Head of Product & Technology Mr Kim Andersen, told the audience that facilitating enhanced water management was a key focus for their business over 2020.

“The partnering with Telstra is a big step forward for SWAN and the inclusion of SWAN smarts around the predictive nature of its data processing speaks volumes to the regard our technology is held within the water management sector” said SWAN’s CEO Tim Hyde.  “The industry recognises that data alone is not enough to fully empower users, the ability to process data and deliver back predictive insights is where the true value lies”.

“Another feature of the Telstra / SWAN  collaboration is that the identified project is directed at enhancing flood irrigation which is a market segment outside our current focus so this collaboration creates an opportunity that is in addition to our core business”, Mr Hyde added.

Telstra’s national agribusiness lead commented, “Telstra has a strong desire to play an active role in the advancement of our nation’s Agribusiness sector, to achieve this we will need partners such as SWAN, those with the specialist skills that can help us shape national approaches.  As we continue to develop the integration between the SWAN platform and the Telstra Data Hub and IoT systems, I am confident that we can deliver real value for our producers and assist in the management of our national water asset.

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About SWAN Systems

SWAN Systems is a uniquely hardware agnostic water management platform that is changing the way irrigation is managed. Like Xero to accounting, SWAN is to water management as it enables the creation of budgets, the issuing of reports and the generation of precision data to inform on optimal water and nutrient applications. It is adaptable across all business systems as it captures and processes data from a wide range of devices regardless of the type of irrigation controller, weather station or soil moisture probe in use. It is disrupting current limitations on software that only works with proprietary hardware. This simplifies investment decisions and enables the roll-out across different farms in multiple locations.

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