The Experience Exchange – cashing in on the global boom in upskilling.

The Experience Exchange ( continues to build an impressive list of blue chip clients on their platform, validating the huge market need for employee upskilling.  Early anchor client PwC have been joined by consulting powerhouse, Deloitte, as well as global tech players Apple and Cisco, in piloting the personalised, business to business approach to upskilling that TEX provides.

Darren Scott, CEO and Co-Founder has recently been featured on Ticker news as well as Smart Company as an expert commentator on the global skills shortage, and in particular how companies are working together to share expertise on a daily basis via platforms such as TEX.

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Darren Scott and Shane Grove, Co-Founders of The Experience Exchange, bring a combined 50 years of global technology leadership experience, having lived and worked around the globe for brands such as Cisco, Adobe and HP.  

The Experience Exchange (TEX) – offers users insights to the skills they need in their current role (or a future aspiration) based on job market data from 3-4 million daily datapoints. TEX then connects them with employees either within their organisation or outside who can support them to bridge their skills gaps: 

  • Businesses curate the organisations they wish to work with
  • Smart matching and AI find the “right person” at the “right time”. 
  • Integrated calendars handle the logistics. 
  • Aggregated reporting tracks the effectiveness at a community level and how skills are evolving over time. 
  • And a business owner gets their people upskilled with very little effort or downtime. 

TEX currently has a safe-note available for angel investing and is actively seeking an early stage VC lead partner for an equity round.

You can watch the full video here.

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