The go-to platform for unstructured data and models about the climate, natural and built worlds

The Opportunity

Eratos connects, aggregates and automates the collection, exchange and analysis of the world’s structured and unstructured data. Through Eratos, industry experts in any domain can find, share and analyse data about our natural and built worlds. This means scientists through to farmers, company boards to government can effectively and efficiently draw insights from their data in order to guide critical decisions.

Of the many opportunities available to Eratos, climate change presents the largest and most immediate. Accordingly, climate data and modelling are a priority for Eratos in the coming six months as the natural and built worlds are significantly impacted by climate and are also key target sectors for Eratos. There is a global shift in demand for this type of data, with the New Zealand government mandating companies report on climate impact, and president-elect Joe Biden committing $2T in spending on climate efforts.

The Eratos platform is quickly becoming the foundation of an eco-system where research, government and industry will collaborate across domains and datasets to solve the world’s most pressing issues. Eratos is extremely well positioned to be the central hub for all climate data around the world.

We have laid the foundations for an aggressive full product launch mid-2021 and are offering a limited seed round over the next few weeks to our network in order to accelerate the delivery of existing opportunities in our pipeline as we move to a full launch and Series A mid-2021.

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The Background

The vast majority of today’s systems are built for structured data: information that can easily be put into tables, rows and columns to be recorded in a database. The problem is that the world around us is underpinned by layers of unstructured data for example: text, IoT data and media (images, audio & video) – roughly 90% of data in any organisation.

Unstructured data can be very scientific in nature, a prime example of this is climate information: sensors, spatial and temporal data. Climate data isn’t limited to just the weather and it informs how we design, build and maintain the world around us. Climate data is at the heart of the natural and built worlds.

Global agriculture hinges on it, navigation and transport rely on it, construction and infrastructure are affected by it, even banks and insurers model against it.

Traction over the last 6 months

The past six months have been extremely busy, even in light of COVID-19. Here are some of the highlights:

  • First paid pilot completed Oct-20 with major global energy infrastructure company integrating client specific data, external data, software applications, and machine learning models. Currently jointly working on phase 2 pilots and roll-out.
  • Partnership with University of Tasmania to federate all of Australia’s climate data using Eratos. $500k committed to project from Home Affairs, with $500k ARDC grant funding pending.
  • Agreement with CSIRO to commercialise an award winning IoT platform called Senaps, inheriting 27 customers currently using the platform, and a strong pipeline of new sales opportunities.
  • Partnering with Microsoft to pilot Eratos Suite (Eratos & Senaps) within key Microsoft target industry verticals, with future co-ordinated launch through Microsoft global sales channels
  • Strong pipeline of pilot projects with major corporate, government and research customers across climate, agriculture, natural resource management, building management, infrastructure, asset management and insurance.
  • Industry recognition for Senaps winning the 2020 IoT Alliance Australian award for Intelligent Data Infrastructure. GrainCast, a customer that relies on Senaps for its underlying data infrastructure, winning the National Government and Public Sector Solution of the Year.

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About Eratos

Eratos is a SaaS platform that is shaping the way data scientists interact with, and collaborate around data. It provides context and meaning to data for richer, more powerful analytics, insights and outcomes that will influence how we sustainably grow food, build things and manage the world’s precious resources.

As the data backbone for cyber-physical systems, Eratos is targeting Fortune 2000 companies globally in industries such as agriculture, construction, asset management and research. These and similar markets are expected by 2035 to benefit annually by US$14T from the application of advanced analytics.

Having recently partnered with CSIRO to integrate technology developed by Data61 into the Eratos platform, we are seeking new capital to accelerate platform development, commercialisation and our go-to-market.

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