The newest addition to Fintech Australia’s board Tim Dean Credi’s CEO


For the newest addition to Fintech Australia’s board, the name of the game is helping WA find its place. Tim Dean, founder and CEO of relationship-based lending app Credi, will join the board of Fintech Australia following CrowdfundUP founder Jack Quigley’s departure.Fintech Australia is the fintech industry’s national body, providing everything from networking to advocacy.

Tim said he’s hoping to help WA fintechs, who according to EY currently make up 9% of the industry nationally, carve out their own niche. “[I’ll] be meeting in August [with the CEO of Fintech Australia] to nut out a whole bunch of initiatives that bring fintech in Western Australia into the fold on a more inclusive basis, but also … to develop some initiatives that give fintech WA its own identity,” he said.

“Having an identity is useful because everyone needs a role to play, and it can be a home for a relationship with Asia, then that suddenly can build as a core strength to its offering.”


About Credi Pty Ltd

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