The perfect Venture Capital Pitch according to Antler


  • Andreas Birnik, Partner at Global VC fund, Antler offers tips on how to make the ideal VC pitch to those looking to enter Antler’s program.
  • Recommendations include networking, polishing your CV and starting with a scalable product.
  • Things to avoid include overestimating your capability in terms of timeframe and budget to take to market, lack of market research and insufficient financials.

Global VC fund Antler announced its upcoming launch in Sydney with its first cohort of 100 commencing in June 2019. Antler differs to other VC funds in that it invests capital into its start-ups to the tune of $100, 000 in seed funding for each project. Given the stakes on offer, Andreas Birnik, Antler partner based in its Singapore office, divulged the best tips to consider when making a pitch to join the program.


  1. Network: Antler works through referrals and recommendations, so get networking and make vital connections within your industry.
  2. Polish your CV: Antler searches for individuals with a good educational background, a good career track record, key skill acquisition and those who have held senior roles in large tech firms, ready to take the leap.
  3. Scalability: Antler seeks companies with excellent scalability with low-capital start-up costs such as innovative software programs that have low costs to replicate and expand.


  1. Over-estimate capability: Antler requires ideas that are realistic in the timeframe and for the allocated budget.
  2. Lack of market research: Don’t get stuck in your own product bubble without any market validation and feedback.
  3. Omitting financials: You will need a sound business model with accompanying budgets and cost structures to even be considered.


About Antler

A unique global startup generator and early-stage VC with a mission to enable exceptional individuals to become founders of great tech companies. Over four to five years, Antler aims to build, invest in, and scale over 200+ tech companies out of Australia.

Operating globally, Antler will leverage this platform to the advantage of its portfolio. The fund is targeting to deliver a 30% IRR on investor funds, net of costs and fees.

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