The Quiet Company is primed to rapidly scale their solution to an increasingly stressful world with pre-sales demand and a strong following already in place

“The need to be both more productive and mindful has been exacerbated by the Covid19 health pandemic. The Quiet Company provides a unique solution to this problem as we encourage more people to embrace their quiet side.”

Gethin Fisher, Founder, The Quiet Company

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Increasing stress, anxiety, workload, financial worries, screen time and noise pollution has led to a decrease in focus, sleep and social connection.

Through qualitative research The Quiet Company has identified four large groups of people who desperately crave some quiet time:

  1. Introverted, white collar workers in need of more focus and productivity from their workday
  2. Working Mums seeking some timeout from the competing demands on their attention
  3. Meditators looking for a place to be still.
  4. Shy Millennials seeking an escape from their families or housemates.


The Quiet Company helps people to embrace their quiet side. For some folk that means being more focussed and productive in their work day. For others it’s the time to meditate and be still. And for many people, they are a spatial oasis where you can find some calm in the chaos.

Their primary brand asset is their custom-built Q Pods, which offer comfort, calm and productivity benefits in a variety of settings. In addition to this, their retail offering is a unique spatial oasis where quiet people can be themselves, by themselves in a welcoming, safe and non-judgemental social setting.

Competitive Edge

The Quiet Company is built by and for a loyal and undervalued segment of society with the following advantages:

  • Improvement in the productivity and mental wellbeing of their customers.
  • Provision of a unique retail proposition for people to enjoy on their own.
  • They’ve developed valuable IP and brand differentiation through their custom-built Q Pods.
  • Their subscription pricing allows them to rapidly scale the business and manage cash flow.
  • A purpose-driven, sustainable start-up that can help marginalised groups, such as people with hearing impairments, autism and other neuro differences.

Team Experience

The Quiet Company is built by and for quiet people. Their management team and advisory board have expertise in customer experience, real estate, finance and hospitality. They have a groundswell of support from local experts and peer groups. They are driven to protect and promote the delicate souls of their quiet community.


The Quiet Company are looking to raise $500,000 in this seed round of funding.

The opportunity for the company is highlighted below:

  • Identification of an undervalued market segment and customer need
  • A clear point of difference in their proposition and the USP of their Q Pods
  • Low cost of goods and recurring revenue model
  • Relatively low start-up costs and simple Go-To-Market strategy.


Their goal is to build an international health and wellbeing business that helps people to embrace their quiet side. While they believe their proposition is well suited to both metropolitan and regional Australia, the export potential of the Q Pod and The Quiet Community is vast.

As some nationalities are characterised as quieter than others, they may seek to expand into colder, indoor cultures such as the UK, Scandinavia, Canada and Japan initially, before building a supportive, empathetic and productive quiet community all around the world.

Company Highlights

  • They have gathered data from approximately 150 potential users and are currently prototyping their first Q Pod, which they have pre-sold for $10,000.
  • They have built a digital following of c. 2,000 people and have attracted a handful of sales through their online store.
  • They are currently negotiating with a number of corporate partners to trial their proposition in their premises.

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