The Quiet Company Set to Capitalise on Their Quiet Opportunity

Following the successful completion of their first year of trading, The Quiet Company will be hosting their first Annual Update meeting on Thursday September 2 at 6pm AEST in Sydney / 9am GMT in the UK. You can register here.

On this Zoom call, the company will be sharing their results to date and discussing their plans for the future.

Founder and Managing Director of The Quiet Company, Gethin Fisher said: “I am immensely proud of everything we’ve achieved in our first twelve months of trading. In FY21: we researched, designed, and prototyped our first Q Pod; we developed and tested our Quiet Mind Technology; we secured our first four Q Pod clients; we raised $66,845 through our first crowdfunding campaign; we attracted 14 investors; and we justified our current market valuation of AUD$1.5m.

But most importantly to me, we proved that our AI technology can repeatedly and measurably improve people’s mental health and productivity.”

If you would like to learn more about The Quiet Company’s business or hear about their growth plans for the future, you can register for the Annual Update meeting here.

About The Quiet Company

The Quiet Company is an AI-driven wellbeing business that helps people to feel calmer and to perform more productively. Our quest is for our quiet community to ’embrace their quiet side’ as we practice our quiet values of equanimity, empathy and joy.

The Q Pod is our primary brand asset. These custom-built privacy pods can be used to work, relax or recharge. Initially, they will be sold through B2B channels and to high net worth individuals.

Our primary piece of IP is our Quiet Mind Technology. This AI application contains a biometric algorithm that listens to people’s heart rates and body movements and then delivers sensory experiences to match their needs and interests.

In the medium term, we will develop a retail proposition where people can track their wellbeing and productivity improvements through our Quiet Mind Technology.

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