The World’s First SMART MONITOR with a Baby Cry Interpreter

Dunstan Baby Technologies P/L is taking this proven Dunstan Baby Language system and employing experts in AI (deep learning) and Voice Recognition Technology to develop the world’s first and only Baby Language Interpreter that parents will use to accurately and immediately understand the needs of their baby.


  • Dunstan Baby Cry Interpreter is a breakthrough in infant care for parents understanding and responding to their baby’s cries.
  • Our research found that babies cry less and settle more quickly.
  • Parents report a dramatic increase in confidence and bonding with their baby.
  • 90% of all test mothers believe that the system is invaluable and would recommend it to other mothers.

Specific Parental Benefits.

A monitor that listens 24/7 and unlocks the Secret Language of Your Baby.

Parents around the world have told us how learning the Dunstan Baby Language changes their lives. Being able to listen and understand your baby’s needs will deepen the bond with your child, and ease some of the pressure and stress felt by most parents.

Here are the key benefits of learning the System:

  • Correctly identify and address the basic needs of your baby.
  • Your infant will cry less, settle more easily, and have more uninterrupted sleep.
  • Experience an increase in satisfaction, self-esteem and a corresponding belief in your abilities to care for your baby.
  • Feel less stress as your child becomes happier and more content.
  • And as your baby sleeps, so can you.


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About Dunstan Baby Technologies

There is a Universal language spoken by every baby around the world!

Every baby is born with the ability to express their basic needs through sound. Eight years of research has found that there is a common language shared by ALL by babies throughout the world. A simple language babies use to communicate their needs.In 2006, a uniquely talented Australian woman by the name of Priscilla Dunstan discovered that certain phonetic sounds produced by infants all have specific meanings.

Eight years of research proves that this Secret Baby Language is simply the baby’s way of of telling us what he or she wants. And, what they want is based on only 5 of the most common physical needs of all newborns and infants.

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