Token Contribution Opportunity: Soccer cryptocurrency will revolutionise world’s most popular sport



  • Take part in the Initial Token Offering (ITO) for the world’s foremost soccer-based cryptocurrency.
  • London Football Exchange (LFE) will enable clubs to raise finance and fans to buy shares built on the blockchain.
  • Fans will also be able to access special discounts, exclusive offers, rewards and other incentives.
  • Access 40% discounts for a limited time only.
  • Pre-sale discounts expire at 23:59 (UTC) on 11th February 2018

The London Football Exchange (LFE) is running the pre-sale of its Initial Token Offering (ITO) and you can get involved in this revolutionary blockchain opportunity that will transform the biggest sport market in the world. The LFE Token is the world’s foremost soccer-based cryptocurrency, which will enable clubs from across Europe and the World to raise finance by using the first ever ‘blockchain stock exchange for soccer’. Fans will be given the chance to buy shares built on the blockchain for their favourite soccer clubs, as well as accessing special discounts, exclusive offers, rewards and other incentives.

“Traditional soccer financing models assess the risk parameters of clubs in a way that makes it difficult for the clubs to raise funds. This has led to a complete dominance of club ownership by a few wealthy people while the common fan is left out. Clubs need an injection of fresh capital to create added value and LFE will boost club financing, improve fan engagement and promote social good, youth development and gender equality,” said Charles Pittar, Corporate CEO of London Football Exchange, and former COO of Macquarie Bank in Asia.

“Our vision is to allow soccer clubs to take advantage of the token funding economy for their financing needs by providing them with a tokenised financing infrastructure which involves token design and issuance services. Clubs will be encouraged to offer some equity through the LFE and required to offer a minimum number of unique experiences or special offers so that the real fans can take part in their favourite clubs,” said Scott Smith, Football CEO of London Football Exchange, and former LA Galaxy player.


About London Football Exchange

The LFE Market is intending to be a fan-driven football community allowing members the opportunity to partake in various club and fan experiences from match day tickets, tours, and player meet and greets, to specific merchandise and third-party partner offers. The LFE Market is powered through the use of the LFE Token, the world’s foremost football-based cryptocurrency.

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