Top 40 Coin HedgeTrade Announces Beta for Crypto Social Trading Platform

HedgeTrade allows amateur and expert crypto traders to come together and capitalize on the strength of their predictions.

Singapore, Dec. 5, 2019 — HedgeTrade, the world leader in crypto social trading, is happy to announce the launch of the HedgeTrade Invitation-Only Beta. The Beta gives the HedgeTrade community the chance to register on the functioning platform, begin sharing and buying cryptocurrency trading predictions (Blueprints) and earn HedgeTrade (HEDG) tokens.

HedgeTrade is a simple, engaging open market for trading insights that aligns the goals of expert and amateur users. It allows experienced traders to earn HEDG tokens from their Blueprints and build a reputation based on a unique ranking system that measures the quality of their predictions. Novice users benefit by purchasing or unlocking the Blueprints — which are trading predictions with specific entry and exit points — that can be used to make their own cryptocurrency trades. If the prediction proves correct, the trader will earn the proceeds from the purchasers, otherwise, the Blueprint buyers will be refunded their tokens, and then some.

“Information is everywhere, but reliable market insights and trading predictions are harder than ever to find. We often hear from people new to crypto who choose to stay out of the trading aspects completely, thinking it’s too complicated or you must be a savvy trader to figure it out,” David Waslen, CEO & Founder of HedgeTrade said. “HedgeTrade is ready to connect you with that sophisticated trader who can help guide you through crypto trading. Whether you are an expert or a newcomer, we help everyone monetize ideas and share trading information to the benefit of the entire community.”

HedgeTrade uses the transparency of blockchain to track the strength of traders’ Blueprint predictions and uses smart-contract functionality to disperse payments to users based on the Blueprint outcome.

The HedgeTrade ecosystem is fueled by HEDG, an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. HEDG tokens (#34 on CoinMarketCap) are earned by posting accurate trading predictions and also through the platform’s Affiliate Program. Additionally, users may withdraw their HEDG tokens at any time and send them to a supported exchange to sell or trade into another digital currency.

The invitation-only Beta will bring the HedgeTrade platform to life, creating a chance to receive feedback from the community and further enhance the system. To join the HedgeTrade Beta, follow @HedgeTradeHQ on Twitter and send them a direct message requesting an Invite Code, then go to and complete the short set up process.

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