Total Blood Profile has had a third patent granted for our rapid diagnostic tests in the US

Key Takeaways:

The new patent covers the rapid detection of diseases caused by parasites such as malaria and Lyme disease. This comes after a recent patent was granted for the diagnosis of blood borne diseases using infrared spectroscopy.

Total Blood Profile now has three patents granted in the US with many other patents pending in other key markets such as India, China, Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada. These patents cover the use of infrared spectroscopy to rapidly and easily diagnose a range of the world’s most devastating diseases.

About Total Blood Profile

Total Blood Profile is commercialising a revolutionary new blood test that addresses some of the world’s biggest unmet clinical needs such as; sepsis, hepatitis, malaria and the rapid detection of antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’. Our patented diagnostic platform was developed by the Monash University Centre for Biospectroscopy. It is faster, easier and is more cost-effective than current technologies and delivers rapid, quantitative detection of a wide range of pathogens and biomarkers in bodily fluids.

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