TUDI launching property prediction algorithm following refinement

A message from TUDI.

You haven’t heard from us in a while because we’ve been busy.

Busy refining the TUDI property prediction algorithm and developing the online platform that will give you first access to exclusive property investment insights.

And we’re excited to announce the platform is launching next week!

Our property market prediction platform will revolutionise property investment by providing invaluable decision-making insights that show you exactly where & when to invest for success.

The platform combines a wealth of premium data from multiple sources – data that has previously only been available to professional investors.

And powered by AI, big data and years of property analysis, our algorithm not only highlights Hot-Spot suburbs that will outperform the market but also indicates the best time to sell. This intel makes the market more accessible and provides high-return, lower-risk investment opportunities for all.

Think of TUDI as your personal property investment advisor.

Our Virtual Portfolio is killing the market

We built a Virtual Portfolio to test the performance of the prediction algorithm.

And despite house prices falling since September 2017, the overall performance of the Virtual Portfolio has seen an overall return of a whopping 33%! We’ve seen suburb returns as high as Branxton in NSW at 51%, or Nickol in WA which has grown 40% in just 21 months.

When the platform goes live next week, we will be sure to announce it.

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