Two steps forward, two steps back this month

Aside from dealing with the impact of Covid and a couple more unexpected challenges over the last 2 years, we did not expect a war in Ukraine to be included on our risk register! Our two senior developers and team leads, from Ukraine, are out of action. They have important roles in quality control, peer review and general development. Additionally they have been managing the release process and working through the App Store submissions. They messaged us to say they are currently safe and in a bunker. 

Facing this unknown, Peter is working on getting another one or two developers however it takes time to recruit and get someone to come on board if they need to give notice, plus their ramp up time. As we don’t know how long Victor and Anton will be unavailable we need to take steps to cover ourselves. However we also need to be aware of the amount of ongoing developer commitments we make while we are working on a tight budget.

Losing Anton and Victor at this crucial time has also caused delays completing our App store submissions. So far we have put in 5 submissions to the Google Play Store and are working through the most recent issues they raised. We have covered most of the technical issues and are now modifying the Terms of Use to meet their needs. We have put our other developers onto the job now (which means their other work deploying the UI/UX is delayed) to put the submission into Apple and received feedback which they are working through now. Apple is known to be tougher when allowing products through to their App store so we hope this doesn’t take too long. 

We wanted to have ScreenCoach available through the App stores for our final larger Beta trial group and were hoping to commence next week, however this is likely to be delayed now. As soon as we’re past this, we will be getting our database onboarded. Below are the screenshots of how ScreenCoach will look in the App stores, we think they look awesome.