Unlock the future of supply chain with blockchain

Supply chain has been missing data and information from its operations for years and its now an accepted norm that is hurting everyone.

We at deoblockchain have found a way, your supply chain will not only deliver your product but also the data and information in the way you require, the way your customers demand and the way the company expects.

Using blockchain technology we remove a complete layer of complexity from highly expensive and resource constrained supply chains.

deoblockchain is a digital record-keeping platform built to transfer verifiable, tamperproof supply chain transactions between multiple parties in a secure and cost-effective manner.

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deoblockchain and Wine Industry Suppliers Australian Inc. have signed a memorandum of understanding to strategically work together. Both parties recognise that there are significant benefits to be gained through the development of a collaborative approach to addressing how blockchain technology can improve supply chain operations.

Our vision for the future is clear, create a world where no information, data or knowledge is missing from your supply chain.

Our purpose is to remove complexity and eliminate waste, by focussing on the most difficult and expensive area in your supply chain, the lack of adequate visibility and traceability between supply chain partners.

About deoblockchain

Supply chain in Australia is a $100bn industry that faces continued challenges on many fronts such as; how to simplify operations yet stay competitive and profitable, increased customer demand for speed and information, and the rising pressure of incorporating emerging technologies.

At deoblockchain® our commitment to the industry is:

  • Introduce emerging technology in a simple, cost effective way
  • Lead the transformation in supply chain from analog to digital platforms
  • Introduce a first in kind platform that will meet operational, compliance and payment requirements all on one single shared platform for all players

deoblockchain® will be the catalyst to the future state in supply chain, one where no data, information or knowledge will be missed.

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