Veriluma Ltd – CEO Interview

Veriluma was conceived within Australian Defence Intelligence where decisions can affect the security of a country and its citizens and problems can lack information/data. The application provides insight, certainty and clarity in complex situations for decision makers who need to understand the risks, conflicts and possibilities even when elements are unknown, uncertain, and unreliable.

The software produces an assessment of the problem/hypothesis showing the likelihood and certainty of, for example:

  • A property bubble occurring;
  • A virus becoming a pandemic and the most effective risk mitigation measures;
  • A merger, or strategy, returning value;
  • A loan – principal and interest – being repaid;
  • The criticality of parts within assets used in mining to minimise production disruption/downtime;
  • Assessing future impact of changes to superannuation/investment portfolios and possible counter measures before such changes occur;
  • Determining strategic cyber threat;
  • Political future of countries and/or those who may need humanitarian assistance under certain circumstances including tsunamis, earthquakes, coups

The software has broad application – globally and across industries.  The software is used by clients to help them make better decisions.  In addition, the software has been embedded by application partners to add more capability to their offerings.