Vertically Integrated Supplier of Clinically Dosed Nutritional Supplements Targeting $20B Market

“As competitive bodybuilders, athletes, and scientists, our team understands what it takes to get results. Armed with deep expertise, we are here to help customers become successful through our proprietary range of clinically dosed nutritional supplements that target informed customers.

We believe that high-value products need supportive distribution and marketing, and that discounting can damage brand value in the long term. Inception Labs’ vertically integrated business model and strong relationships with a global manufacturer and retailers protect brand value and return on investment.

Our experience in consumer behaviour and digital commercial activity underpins our online growth, supporting or supplanting shopfronts over time.”

Matt Walley, Director, Inception Labs

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Executive Summary

Inception Labs is the only source of clinically dosed nutritional supplements in Australasia with a vertically integrated business model that controls formulation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail. The company has partnered with global manufacturer ATP Science to develop its proprietary range of science-based nutritional supplements. In addition, it has a strong network of retailers and extensive social influence generated from its team of recognised athletes and personalities.

Nutritional supplements are FMCG products used by regular gym-goers and consumers who care about their health, wellbeing, and fitness. The global market for nutritional supplements is currently worth $20B and has grown by 8-9% since 2010.

Investment Highlights

  • The global market for nutritional supplements is now worth $20B.
  • The company has a track record in retail (5 years) and distribution (3 years) in New Zealand.
  • $4-6m ARR projected in 2021.
  • Profit margins on key brands have doubled from 23% to 48%.

Investment Offering

Inception Labs is raising $5M for up to 26% equity.