Video Automation Company | 227% increase in membership and 493% increase MRR | Blue-chip and government clients

“With the ongoing redistribution of work, the shift away from email, and the increased demand for empathy and trust, video is now the forefront of human communication.

We are the enablers.

We’re making the act of creating professional, captioned, and branded video messages as fast and easy as SMS and email.”

Adrian King, Founder of Brivvio

Executive Summary

Brivvio is a SaaS video-automation platform that enables businesses to create and share professionally branded, titled videos with captions in under five minutes using a mobile or desktop app. It requires no training, skills, or special equipment.

Brivvio increases output and saves both time and money by automating a commonly needed, tedious, and repetitive task.

By using Brivvio, organisations can now empower their staff, agents, and communities to rapidly create professional video messages without the need for expensive video production crews or time-consuming post-production editing.

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Investment Highlights

  • Highly-scalable SaaS recurring revenue model: In 2021, Brivvio saw a 227% increase in membership and a 493% increase in monthly recurring revenue (MRR).
  • Great product and market interest: The mobile app achieved over 10,000 downloads in 2021, and received 5-star reviews and glowing customer feedback.
  • Rapidly growing market: The global video editing software market size is projected to reach $907M by 2027, from $510.1M in 2020, at a CAGR of 8.7% during 2021-2027 (source).
  • Brivvio won a Competitive Innovation Grant awarded by the ACT government and successfully raised A$200K in seed funding through experienced angel investors that enabled the product to be brought to market.
  • The company has a highly experienced team with rare experience in this kind of technology development. The founder brings 20+ years of experience, subject matter expertise, and market knowledge.
  • Existing customers consist of government bodies, educational institutions, IT and marketing professionals, and multiple corporations.
  • Brivvio is a graduate of the Griffin Accelerator Program, an active member of Canberra Innovation Network which is supported by the ACT Government.

Investment Offering

Brivvio is raising A$850K to increase market penetration and grow revenue.

Brivvio is officially an early-stage innovative company. Investors may get 20% of their investment back by carrying their tax offset forward, as well as CGT relief for shares held for at least 1-10 years.

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