VIRA M200 autopilot

Vira Drones has conducted simulations of automatic take-off and landing for a two-rotor cargo drone, as well as coordinate flight. The autopilot program successfully coped with the task. In March 2020, a year-long work was completed on the development and creation of a power plant based on a propeller-driven group of its own design, traction characteristics were obtained that allow lifting of about 450 kg per power plant.  Thus, preliminary calculations and modelling allow planning an exit to the maximum take-off weight of 750 kg, of which 200 kg is a payload, plus a sufficient power reserve in case of operation of the device in difficult meteorological conditions.

Now the next step is to assemble and start testing the full-size Vira M200.

Stay tuned and join us as partners in the future unmanned aerial vehicle market, which is estimated to reach $ 1.5 trillion in 2040.

Now we are setting ourselves the goal of taking 10% of the helicopter transportation market, which exists now and is estimated at $ 4.6 billion annually due to the fact that our vehicles do not require expensive personnel in the form of a pilot, and at the same time, the cost of transportation is several times lower than on a standard helicopter.

About Vira Drones

Engineers with 25 years of expertise in the aircraft industry have joined forces to create the perfect technology to power a high-capacity drone. Vira Drones is an innovative development in the drone industry: heavy-lifting autopilot drones able to carry up to 1000 kg and land on water or rural areas. Environmentally friendly, Vira Drones is a great solution for multiple applications: logistics, agriculture, firefighting, human rescue, humanitarian missions or special tasks. Able to departure and land during any weather conditions Vira Drones has no limits on exploitation without risks for human life. The unique horizontal stabilization system of the vehicle in the air takes the quality of cargo transportation to a new level.

The first prototype of Vira M450 was officially presented at China Helicopter Expo in October 2019. Our booth was next to the famous aviation industry giants as Airbus and Bell and attracted a lot of media attention. We believe Vira M450 is the future of unmanned cargo drones, capable of travelling long distances.

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