Voxon Photonics – Pre IPO Investment

“Ten years ago, my friend Will Tamblyn and I became intrigued at the possibilities of creating the type of 3D display that we’d only seen in science fiction movies. From Star Wars to Avatar,  the future of interactive 3D communication was the same.  Nobody was wearing headsets or 3D glasses, the image was viewable from any direction, and it existed within a physical space. Why didn’t displays like this exist? What were the technical reasons preventing such a display from existing?  Armed with a stubborn determination, and an insatiable curiosity, we set out on a journey of discovery.”

Gavin Smith, Founder, Voxon Photonics

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3D digital media has become the mainstay of visual communication. Popularised by video gaming, the technology has now found its way into numerous industries including advertising, medical imaging and the movie industry. Despite its prevalence, viewing, and interacting with 3D content still requires the audience to wear cumbersome headsets or 3D glasses, and doing so creates a barrier between the user and the experience.


Voxon Photonics has created the world’s most advanced 3D volumetric display, a technology that can project 3D animated content within a physical space. Voxon is pioneering an entirely new range of interactive digital experiences, where multiple people can interact with the same 3D content, each having their own unique perspective, and without the need for special glasses or headgear.

Competitive Edge

With a patent that is granted in Europe, China, USA and Japan and pending in Australia, Voxon is widely regarded as the world leader in the field of 3D Volumetric Display technology. Voxon has also built a robust software development pipeline that is compatible with the world’s leading 3D data formats and programming environments. The VX1 is the world’s most advanced 3D Display.

Team Experience

Voxon’s core design team has over 30 years of combined experience of R&D and prototyping volumetric displays. They have amassed a wealth of learned experience and knowledge in this very specialized field. They are experts in volumetric workflows, optics, FPGA design, low level programming, electronic control systems, high speed imaging and mechanical design.


Voxon is seeking a pre-IPO equity investment of up to $US 3.0m in exchange for approximately 17% of the company.


As technological leaders, and without capital constraint. Voxon photonics is uniquely positioned to bring volumetric display technology to the global market. Its next generation hardware platform will be integrated into a wide range of products, each having a unique look and feel, and each varying in physical size, brightness and resolution. A family of displays, each industrially designed to meet a specific customer need.


  • Voxon’s solutions have been purchased by companies and institutions including Harvard, MIT, CMU, CSIRO, BAE, Nissan, Toyota, Ericsson, Verizon, Taito, LVMH, Unity and Sony.
  • Voxon has been invited to demonstrate at Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Autodesk, Disney, and Texas Instruments.
  • Patents granted in China, USA, Europe and Japan ( pending in Australia )
  • 2018 – Winner at National iAwards
  • 2019 – Finalist Australian Design For Export Awards

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