Vpply announce integration with JobAdder providing opportunities for thousands of Australian companies

Vpply are excited to announce that Tom Lipczynski, Co-Founder and CEO at Vpply had a huge win this month.

Vpply have completed an integration with JobAdder,  giving thousands of companies in Australia the ability to automatically post on their platform. Companies include KFC, Kogan, Honda, NRL, Rip Curl, CAT, Jenny Craig and many more. Vpply already has over 1000 jobs listed since launching the website in August this year and this integration will add to the rapid growth of the site.

Vpply provides a video-based experience for browsing and applying for jobs allowing jobseekers to showcase their personality and experience in a 30-second video. Click here.

JobAdder is a web-based recruitment management platform that allows companies to easily and effectively streamline and manage their recruitment needs.

For more information, click here.
About Vpply

Vpply is a web application that allows candidates to apply for jobs with a video profile.

The concept of the technology came from addressing the lack of human connection at the first stage of the hiring process – job search. Finding a job is challenging and Vpply allows jobseekers to make an impactful first impression by applying with a short video instead of the traditional CV and cover letter.

For talent acquisition managers, recruiters and hiring managers, the video-based jobseeker database can easily be searched, qualified and shortlisted. We are inspiring people to connect

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