Walker Capital announce January performance with High Growth Strategy as best performing

The overall market started off with an interesting event for 2019 with a flash crash of the forex market which happened in the quietest time of the day, Apple also issued a downgrade of revenue of 10%  and the Yen was near extreme levels which added to this movement.

Walker Capital were not overexposed to the market at this time. These events caused a small loss on a couple of strategies and the high growth Strategy is positive and off to a great start for the year.

January Performance:

Swing Strategy – Annualised rate of Return -1.68%

Multi Strategy – Annualised rate of Return -3.65%.

Growth Strategy – Annualised rate of Return -11.47%.

High Growth Strategy – Annualised rate of Return 18.79%.


About Walker Capital

Walker Capital is to raise up to $900,000 for 20% in equity. The capital will be used to fund the expansion of the Company as it increases its marketing campaign aimed at expanding its client base and developing an investment platform for its clients.

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