Wave Swell Energy funding round nearly complete – get in quick to be part of revolutionary wave energy tech

Wave Swell Energy is pleased to announce the company has raised approximately $1.2 million of their $1.5 million funding round.

Your opportunity is now to take part in this innovative and game-changing technology.

WSE’s product is considered among the lowest cost wave technologies on the market, and boasts major advantages over other wave energy technologies and more traditional forms of energy, including:

  • reducing the need for traditional fossil fuel sources of energy that are harmful to the environment and public health – the WSE system is a zero-emissions technology.
  • higher levels of consistency compared to other forms of renewable energy, such as wind and solar – the advantage of wave energy is its and predictability, coupled with lower levels of variability and intermittency.
  • the WSE system is deployed in shallower water (5 to 10 metres depth) – resulting in a smaller design load due to extreme waves, and shorter cabling distances to shore. This greatly reduces costs compared to deep water technologies.

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About Wave Swell Energy

Wave Swell Energy Ltd (WSE) is an unlisted Australian public company that has developed a world-leading proprietary and cost-effective technology that converts the energy in ocean waves into electrical energy.

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