Wave Swell Energy Technology in International Publication

An article about the Wave Swell Energy (WSE) technology has appeared in the US-based International Water Power and Dam Construction magazine (see attached), describing the technology, its benefits, and the King Island project. The latter is nearing completion and approaching its operational phase, with the first generation of electricity from the project expected by the middle of the year.

For the information of potential investors in the WSE’s current $500K capital raising round, the company has now received firm commitments for over $300K. Commitments are required by February 28, with funds to be deposited by March 13.

International Water Power and Dam Magazine

About Wave Swell Energy

WSE has developed a unique cost-effective technology to convert the energy in ocean waves into electricity. The technology involves no moving parts whatsoever in the water, thereby precluding costly underwater access for maintenance. The company is currently developing a 200 kW project at King Island, aimed at demonstrating the commercial viability of the technology.

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