Wave Swell Energy’s UniWave200 is Installed at King Island

Wave Swell Energy’s (WSE) 200 kW demonstration of its unique wave energy technology, the UniWave200 device, was successfully deployed early on the morning of January 10, 2021, at Grassy Harbour on King Island.

The unit is now sitting on the seabed in its planned location, approximately 100 metres from shore in 5.75 metres of water depth.

The commissioning phase will take place over the coming weeks, with the device expected to be connected to Hydro Tasmania’s hybrid grid during Q1, 2021. Once operating and providing electricity, King Island will be the first remote island grid in the world to be powered by three separate renewables – waves, wind, and solar.

The King Island project is expected to validate the many world leading aspects of the WSE technology, including its efficiency, survivability, and accessibility.

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About Wave Swell Energy Ltd (WSE)

Wave Swell Energy Ltd (WSE) is an unlisted Australian public company that has developed a world leading proprietary and cost-effective technology that converts the energy in ocean waves into electrical energy. The technology is based on the concept of a unidirectional Oscillating Water Column (OWC). It involves no moving parts whatsoever in or below the water line, thereby ensuring ease of access, minimising the cost of operation and maintenance, and precluding any detrimental effects on marine life.

While the technology’s primary function is to generate electricity, it can also produce hydrogen and desalinated water and can act as an effective means of coastal protection. In fact, when placed side by side, WSE devices form a breakwater – one that returns a revenue, rather than being a sunk cost like a traditional breakwater.

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