Wave Swell Energy’s Update on it’s King Island Wave Energy Generator

Wave Swell Energy Ltd has now finished building the structural component of its King Island wave energy generator, with only the fit-out and wiring of the electrical control system remaining to be completed. Recent construction work involved combining the superstructure with the main part of the unit at Bell Bay in Tasmania’s north (see the attached video).


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The main structure was built in Launceston and towed to a deeper water berth for the addition of the ‘top deck’. Once the electrical work is finalised, the completed UniWave200 device will be towed to its installation site near Grassy Harbour on King Island, where it will deployed, commissioned, and connected to the Hydro Tasmania hybrid electrical grid.

It is believed this will become the first remote grid in the world to concurrently generate electricity from three renewable sources – waves, wind, and solar. The transport of the unit to King Island is expected to take place in January, with the unit becoming operational after that.

About Wave Swell Energy Limited

Wave Swell Energy Ltd (WSE) is an unlisted Australian public company that has developed a world leading proprietary and cost-effective technology that converts the energy in ocean waves into electrical energy. The technology is based on the concept of a unidirectional Oscillating Water Column (OWC). It involves no moving parts whatsoever in or below the water line, thereby ensuring ease of access, minimising the cost of operation and maintenance, and precluding any detrimental effects on marine life.

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