What I learnt about culture from doubling headcount in 12 months: Bulletproof founder Anthony Woodward

Published 31 July 2015, BRW by Anthony Woodward

Technology companies are often seen as fanatical in fostering and scaling their workplace culture.

They often start with just a few people in an apartment. From there they tend to secure venture capital funding (and can suddenly afford nice offices and to hire more people), or get widespread adoption and become profitable enough to invest in people. Essentially, they scale rapidly.

To be able to cope with that change, they need to have a great culture that enables individual development allowing them to grow, while retaining talent in a highly competitive market. Just look at the starting salaries of software engineers in Silicon Valley and you’ll get a feel for why company culture is important for attracting the best talent — it’s the best differentiator.

But what can every other business learn from this obsession?

At Bulletproof, we have grown our team rapidly from around 60 to over 120 over the past 12 months. Along the way we’ve had to consider how our company changes and adapts to the larger size, and how to keep the core elements of the company culture that made us so successful.

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