Wholesale business defies COVID downturn with 33% Q1 FY21 increase in revenue

Arianna Ventures initial acquisition ends with a record first half financial year, with 33% organic growth increase in Q1 and with strong pre-orders for the second half of the financial year – FY21 is on target to be the best year in its 30-year history with strong organic revenue growth while maintaining the same cost base.

Arianna Ventures has negotiated the purchase of a successful 30-year-old wholesale & distribution business and is delighted with the business’ performance in the first 6 months of FY21, as it finalises the sale of the business.

This national wholesale & distribution business has flourished during the COVID-19 lockdowns as customers flock to their local essential services stores for their shopping.  Strong partnerships with over 3,200 local IGA’s, other independent supermarkets & convenience stores, Australia Post LPO’s, newsagents and service stations has driven the record first half financial year performance.

The growth can also be credited to a hard working & dedicated national team, new software that allows call cycles, sales routes and invoicing to be done in real-time and the consumers shifting to their local supermarkets and essential services to minimise their exposure to COVID-19

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About Arianna Ventures

2021 will see COVID-19 become a way of life rather than something we wait to pass and the smart SME businesses that adapt to shifting Consumer‘s needs & demands are going to be the successful businesses in 2021.

Arianna Ventures focus is on acquiring profitable, well established SME’s with owners that have no clear succession plan over the next 5 to 10 years.  Our acquisitions need to have clear growth opportunities that can leverage our 20 years of SME & Family business backgrounds & extensive networks as well as have an existing effective operational infrastructure that we can adapt seamlessly to the restrictions COVID-19 has placed on the market and take advantage of them.


Seeking to raise $1.5m to close out the $5.0m acquisition of this national wholesale & distribution business, which will then be used as the platform for a rollup of complementing businesses – consolidating resources and maximising profitability.

Ambitions for 2021

The strategic priorities for this wholesale & distribution business in 2021 is to expand our network of Australia Post LPO’s from 600 to 800 nationally, grow the monthly invoicing of each independent supermarket and secure more service station groups to increase our customer base from 3,200 to over 3,500.

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