Wholesale Investor National Investor Sentiment Index FY13 Q2

  • 20 October 2012
  • Category: News

Please find attached the latest National Investor Sentiment Index from Wholesale Investor. Below are the key highlights from the survey. A PDF download of the complete results is provided below.

Investors remain optimistic – 77% of investors are positive about the Australian economy over the next 2 years
Investors have been investing – 74% have less than 30% of their portfolio in cash
Private Companies still preferred – 70% of investors prefer to invest into private companies
59% have a portfolio of between $1m and $10m
53% of investors are seeking to invest between $25k to $200k into private opportunities. 21% highlighted that amounts invested were dependent on the deal
51% of investors have invested into an opportunity in the last 3 months, with 87% currently active in pursuing opportunities. 33% of this was invested into a Private company.
Mining & Energy the most preferred sector – 51% of investors place Mining & Energy as number one on their list of preferred sectors to invest into. Cleantech, Technology and Internet were 2,3 and 4 on the list and Life Sciences completes the top 5.
Distressed or special situation opportunities sought – 74% of investors are interested in this type of opportunities
• Of interest was that 39% of investors are seeking Secondary Offerings and 41% seek ASX Listed Shells
Australia the key market for private company growth – 84% of investors showed a significant interest for the local opportunities in Australian companies

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