Wholesale Investor Worldwide Tour Recap

19 days, 7 Cities, 6 Countries, 7 Showcase Events, 2 WI Private Cocktail Functions & 800 Attendees!

Written by Steve Torso, Wholesale Investor, Managing Director

The last 3 weeks have been the most ambitious mission we have ever embarked on.

Are we insane? Maybe! However, this is what drives us! Every day for us is about creating an opportunity for tomorrow. Our mission is to provide the platform for Emerging Companies to create trade and investment opportunities in new markets. It is a simple case of “you never know unless you try”.

In attendance we had Ultra High Net Worth Investors, Sovereign Funds, Individual and Multi-Family Offices, Fund Managers, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms, and the list goes on. It still fascinates me, that we have this level of money profile attending our events across so many countries.

Within the Wholesale Investor subscriber base, is a unique ecosystem. It is one that is constantly evolving, changing and growing.

What is beautiful about it, is that one conversation, one introduction or one registration of interest can change the entire destiny of a company and the people behind. The challenge is, you never know when, where or with whom that interaction will be.

I would like to say a special thank you to a few groups;
  1. The companies which joined us for the journey
  2. The Australian High Commissioner to Singapore, Bruce Gosper and the Singapore Austrade team
  3. The Investors who engaged with our clients
  4. Our Shareholders. Thank you to the Investec and BMY Group teams for supporting our mission
  5. The Wholesale Investor team. There is a significant addition of pressure when you deliver events across multiple countries
  6. Shareinvestor, The Investor and KOTRA.
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