Why Invest Now in Renewables and What Investments are Best?

Not only in Australia, but all around the world major shifts are taking place in the cost structures underpinning provision of power/electricity. This is due to a range and combination of factors such as:

  • Emission reduction programs
  • Increasing demand arising from population growth and standard of living increases
  • Ever expanding distribution pressures on demand
  • The types of power and how they are being used

Let’s face it, everyone wants power wherever and whenever they want it!

Technology has an important role to play in terms of meeting these structural cost changes and ensuring customers are not subject to ever spiralling upwards power prices.

Equipment manufacture and design costs as well as the costs and types of materials used in power equipment manufacture are all changing at a rapid pace, but is this enough?

Technological innovation is playing an ever-increasing role in the delivery of power wherever and whenever we want it.

This is why a new look at renewable opportunities is warranted. The value proposition around brining new technologies on line is increasing.

There are of course a litany of renewable energy failures to learn from the past.

When these learnings are combined with advances leading to reduced power generation and supply costs


Power reliability at both large and small scales with renewable feedstocks such as waste wood, wind, water and sun, significant opportunities in the energy market are being created

Perhaps the timing is right to take another look at the renewable power space.

BioSyngas is a company developing small embedded power plants located directly adjacent to the industrial power offtakers using predominantly biomass feedstock. This and other kinds of projects require special conditions in terms of feedstock supply, offtaker relationships and the integration of proven at scale (1.5 to 30) MW technology.

The developments in biomass combustion and the conversion of energy produced to power, for example, organic rankine cycle, achieved in Europe and South America over the past 20 years, are ready to be introduced in Australia.

If you would like to know more about the opportunity to invest in BioSyngas go to www.biosyngas.com.au or call +61 (3) 9602 3797.