With Returns Reaching 24% See Why Halcyon has Become a Hub for Intelligent Investors

Halcyon is a cutting-edge wealth creation solution for the elite investor. Halcyon is putting some of the industry’s most exciting technology at your fingertips. The algorithm has been created by a team of traders, behavioural science specialists and software developers, giving forex investors the edge they need to optimise opportunities in today’s market.


A human brain making decisions is fraught with sensitive choices due to being emotionally connected to money and the potential loss of money, which clouds the decision-making process. Unlike other trading systems, our model uses a proprietary neural network that analyses over 37,000 different data points. All in a matter of milliseconds.


Adam Truelove (CEO), entrepreneurial from a young age. Adam had sold three companies by the age of 28. For over 10 years since, Adam has managed traders, private trading floors, technical trading education, sales, marketing and operations. Sue Dingwall (COO) with expertise in sales, health technology and the financial sectors is an advocate of data and its potential to transform the financial and other industries.


With over three years of live data since 2015, the algorithm has traded millions of dollars globally. To date, it has delivered consistently impressive average returns, hence its target return of 24% p.a.

Halcyon Global’s performance results can be seen here.

Revenue Model

  • 2% Annual management fee
  • 30% performance fee
  • Fees are only taken if the account is in profit.

Competitive Advantage

While the forex market can be perceived as being more high risk, the upside is that it can offer significantly higher potential returns than traditional investments such as cash, shares, bonds and property. To harness the market’s enhanced potential while managing risk as much as possible within its parameters, our dynamic AI trading algorithm has rigorous in-built hedging strategies.

Exit Strategy

We are interested in VC to complete a package to sell part or all of the company in 12 months’ time, consisting of the technology, the global clients, and the platform the AI algorithm was built on.

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