World Class Medical Cannabis Growing Project in Southern Africa Has Commenced Plantation.

About Botanapharm

Botanapharm is an Australian registered company with the clear objective to establish Africa’s leading cannabis cultivation firm. The company has achieved licensing in some of the major cannabis countries with extremely favourable climate conditions for cannabis agriculture in Southern Africa which recently legalised cannabis farming for medicinal purpose. Botanapharm captivated important JV agreements with local partners in Lesotho, South Africa, Zimbabwe and taking-off major projects with agreed certifications and achieved top results and still in the process of improvement.

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Botanapharm Major Breakthrough

Currently Botanapharm is in full fledge production mode in their certified farming grounds, and has finally received results of germination on their 1st major project grounds in Lesotho which was not an easy process due to delicate products and growth process. But thanks to the companies scientific resources and years of agriculture experience and research, Botanapharm is now available to create the utmost quality medicinal cannabis through the first major step of Seeds & Cuttings, which will then lead to a 70 days harvest after the sprouting of the plant and go through Cultivation, Drying & Processing to eventually big scale Distribution to all of the major countries internationally with high demands in medicinal cannabis, resulting in expediential income for the company and also investors. 

Botanapharm Major Projects

Lesotho Zimbabwe South Africa


In 2018 in Lesotho, Botanapharm has signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Kana Health (Pty) Ltd. a company incorporated in Lesotho to grow cannabis In 2019 in Zimbabwe, Botanapharm inked a Joint venture agreement with Carolina Wilderness. In 2020 in South Africa, Botanapharm signed a Joint Venture Agreement with MEDIDOPE Pharmaceuticals to grow medical cannabis in Gauteng. Also in 2020 in Lesotho, Botanapharm signed a Joint Venture Agreement Tau Tsehla Medical Cannabis Development to grow medical cannabis in their Mafeteng SEZ.

Currently Botanapharm is undergoing a Master plan in Lesotho, which will create multiple opportunities for future talents and support a comfortable and efficient lifestyle for both present and future employees. And also supporting high quality research facilities to develop innovative ideas and solutions to improve even more towards cannabis agriculture.

Future Aspiration

Botanapharm has achieved exponential growth from cultivating farming grounds currently with 5ha of available soil and expecting potential cultivation of 90.5ha of crop. Botanapharm is expected to generate a revenue of 1.2mil in the second quarter of 2022. The company is expected to generate revenues in excess of $20m for the calendar year ended 31st December 2022. To further expand its operation, the  Company is seeking to list on the Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX) to raise a minimum of $2,000,000 at an issue price of $0.10 each.