World’s only globally accredited solution for the unmet problem of solar panel fires, PVStop’s clientele include leading fire departments London Fire Brigade, NY Fire Department

“PVSTOP has developed, patented and commercialised an innovative solution to a critical and growing problem – how to safely isolate the power produced by solar panels. A safety revolution in the world’s fastest-growing industry sector – renewable energy.

Our vision is to be world leaders in Renewable Energy Safety and our award-winning solutions are now being adopted by the world’s largest Fire Departments.

PVSTOP is gaining support from regulators and insurers and we are expanding our commercial activities across key global markets and raising capital to meet demand and capitalise on growth opportunities in the commercial, industrial and utility sectors.”

Jim Foran, CEO, PVStop International

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Executive Summary

Solar panels cannot be switched off! In emergency situations including fires, floods, storms or even during maintenance, solar panels continue to produce lethal amounts of DC electricity; threatening the lives of emergency services personnel, electrical contractors and solar system owners.

PVSTOP is the world’s only globally accredited solution that safely deactivates the power produced by solar panels.

Investment Highlights

  • PVSTOP clients include world leading Fire Departments such as the London Fire Brigade and the New York Fire Department, two of the largest and most recognised Emergency services organisations globally.
  • Operates in a sector with high barriers of entry for competitors due to global testing and accreditation requirements.
  • Patents granted in 21 of the world’s largest solar countries/markets.
  • Distributors are placed in key markets including the US, Europe, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.
  • PVSTOP has recognition from the industry and won these awards:
    – Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA)
    – Engineering & Technology Awards (E&T)
    – SafeWork NSW Awards
  • The PVSTOP senior management team, led by Jim Foran, has a wealth of industry expertise and a proven track record in the following fields:

    – Photovoltaics and Battery Energy Storage Systems
    – Fire Safety Engineering
    – Risk Management
    – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
    – Financial Services

Investment Offering

The company’s shareholders have initiated the investment process to access growth capital and accelerate global growth opportunities. The company is seeking to raise AUD$2,000,000 in exchange for 16.67% equity (ordinary shares), based on a pre-money valuation of AUD$10,000,000.

The valuation has been independently validated by BDO Australia based on projected earnings and the IP portfolio of the company.

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