WYZA Annual Update 2016; $1M Raised, GRowing Subscriber Base & $200K+ R&D Refund

WYZA Limited is Australia’s fastest growing digital platform created specifically for people 50+. WYZA Ltd had an intergral year with many achievements;

  • Capital Raised in 2016: $1M.
  • R & D: $200K+ R&D refund.
  • Grew subscriber database to 255,000.
  • Launched member portal, audience profiling and deals.
  • Conducted extensive survey of just under 8,000 of subscriber database to determine the purchasing decision for next 12 months.
  • Involvement in significant events: Speaker & Exhibitor at AdTech & iMedia.

Awards: Mike Farley was Finalist 2016 CEO Magazine Start-Up Executive of the Year Award.