Xerion is building a US prescription drug pipeline of 5 dermatological products and is planning an IPO in late 2021

“Xerion is on an exciting journey developing five prescription solutions to common skin disorders. We offer strong efficacy without the harsh side effects of many of the incumbent prescription products. Xerion has just begun a $6m Series A funding round and plans to IPO on the ASX in late 2021.”

Danny Goldman, Managing Director, Xerion Limited

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Dermatological diseases affect large portions of the population globally. These diseases include onychomycosis (fungal nail), acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and actinic keratosis all of which have a serious impact on the patients life. Current products on the market are either low in efficacy or have unpleasant side effects.


Xerion has a patented active ingredient called AMYCOT which demonstrates anti-fungal activity as well as anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and skin regenerative properties. The initial clinical evidence shows that topical nailKALM with AMYCOT demonstrates greater efficacy and cure rates in fungal nail with no adverse side effects.

Competitve Edge

Xerion’s TGA approved product, nailKALM is ranged in all Chemist Warehouse stores, other pharmacy groups and sold through podiatrists. This generates revenue for the business as well as providing safety data which supports taking AMYCOT to the US in 5 dermatological prescription products.

Team Experience

Xerion has built a management team with global pharma, scientific, management and financial expertise to take AMYCOT through a clinical trial programme for the lucrative US prescription market. The Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Operating Officers both hold PhD’s in life science subjects. Our subsidiary model allows us to attract and retain global experts in each of the 5 dermatological disease indications.


Xerion is undertaking a Series A raising of $6M (max $10M) to fund a key asset purchase, targeted R&D, working capital, and pursue US prescription market expansion opportunities.

Investment in Xerion gives investors exposure to five large US prescription market opportunities, estimated to be worth a combined total >US$12B.

Xerion is targeting an IPO in late 2021 providing investors with a viable exit strategy.


  • Successful ASX IPO late 2021
  • Successful clinical trial programs for both fungal nail and acne starting in 2021
  • Successful regulatory introductory meeting with the US FDA to confirm future pathway
  • Launch two new products, footKALM and skinKALM into the Australian OTC market in 1H 2021


  • Global patent approved for main AMYCOT technology
  • nailKALM now ranged in all Chemist Warehouse stores
  • Incorporated Onycho Pharma, a subsidiary in Singapore focussed on taking AMYCOT to the USA as a fungal nail prescription drug
  • Established Akne Pharma, a subsidiary in Delaware focussed on taking AMYCOT to the US subsidiary as an acne prescription drug
  • Raised over $8million in share capital since Xerion incorporation

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