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Zapaygo is the App where people can pre-order at their favourite places.

Pre-Order > Save time > Earn Rewards

Zapaygo aims to create value for consumers by saving them precious time in the worst places to queue, e.g. sports & concert venues, busy cafes & coffee shops during working hours, and bars during the evening.

What’s more, when using Zapaygo, you will not have to handle money, touch card machines, or stand for long periods in confined public spaces. Not only do you save time, but you could also earn rewards and cashback.

Post coronavirus lockdown, when venues open their doors again, we believe there will be no better time for venues to promote and sell Zapaygo.

Venues could maximise their revenues while helping protect people from HAI’s. The platform is built with signed EPOS partnerships ready to roll out to venues.

Zapaygo is focused on launching opportunities, aiming to be “the” pre-order App for venues in the multi trillion dollar food and beverage market.

  • Foundations laid to be a right time mover in a billion pound + sector.
  • Listing specialist Holland-Bendelow appointed to list Zapaygo on AIM.
  • Exclusive mobile ordering contract with Verteda EPOS, arena specialist, owned by ASX listed MSL Solutions.
  • Integrated (ready to implement) into the EPOS of over 60% of the UKs high profile sports & concert stadiums.
  • Integrated (ready to implement) into the EPOS of many high profile Australian sports & concert stadiums.
  • Zapaygo are launching a blockchain rewards program built by Tata Consultancy Services.
  • Zapaygo will also be allowing crypto and sustainable payments.
  • Zapaygo Delivered “Launching Soon” a new innovative delivery software system that connects restaurants and businesses to the nearest online delivery driver.
  • Zapaygo mitigates the risk of communicable diseases, this has been highlighted by the current climate (see further info below).
  • In the past crisis have made such companies like Uber and AirBNB, Zapaygo can very easily be one of those examples soon.

Zapaygo estimate that consumers in busy cities can waste up to 7 days per year ordering, paying and queuing. Zapaygo has developed an innovative technology that can resolve these frustrations, placing it in front of the global food & beverage market. Consumers are sourcing food & drinks through apps 130% more often (2019 vs 2016).

Zapaygo has a fully launched app, has identified core venues & corporate partners in the UK as initial target markets (where saving significant queuing time is most valuable) and is ready to scale.

Alongside, the global loyalty market is already worth $6.8 billion a year, with 10% annual growth continuing. Zapaygo app offers the additional benefit RewardZ. They believe this blockchain, digital rewards token dynamic will be a key driver for Zapaygo with both the chains and individual merchants redeeming RewardZ Tokens.

Zapaygo’s fundraise is to take the product to market, the early focus will be frequent use food and beverage venues while adopting mass adoption via high volume sports and music stadiums. Zapaygo Delivered is in the early stages and aims to offer ‘order to delivery’ end to end services. They will develop the opportunity to list on AIM in the near future, advised by Holland & Bendelow listing specialist, potentially offering early liquidity opportunities for investors. The company already has agreement in principle to list.

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Communicable diseases

The Management team believe that the Zapaygo delivery App offers particular benefits that are currently very relevant because of communicable diseases and can help lower the spread rate of a virus.

  • Less personal contact
  • No touching credit card keypads
  • No touching ATM keypads
  • No touching money
  • No touching receipts
  • No touching and passing of credit cards (where applicable)
  • Order to be delivered quickly and efficiently to tables, homes or workplaces, less time in public spaces
  • Order to be collected when ready, cutting out intermediaries
  • Reduces time spent in public spaces
  • Zapaygo also has Uber-Like delivery software available with terms agreed to allow delivery to homes and workplaces. We also have the option to work with third party on-demand delivery companies
  • Ability to link with around 100 international POS companies generating new revenue streams for cafés, restaurants and pubs

About Zapaygo

Zapaygo & Ordly are powerful and convenient on-demand mobile ordering and payment platforms that enable users to order anything to be delivered to a table, home or workplace or be collected from a bar or counter. Both are lifestyle Apps, Ordly provides popular venues with food & beverage pre-paid / pre-order facilities to defined market segments with high demand use-cases, Zapaygo on the other hand will be available to all types of businesses enabling their customers to pre-pay & pre-order for anything to be collected from a bar or counter, or delivered to a table, home or workplace. Zapaygo’s key differentiator is its deal flow/ to signed contracts.

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