Zelwin.com launched a Powerful Affiliate Program

Dozens of millions of people will be left without a job because of Covid-19, and for these people who found themselves in a difficult situation, ZELWIN.com – Global Marketplace of Goods are offering a powerful Affiliate Program where people can solidly earn, which Zelwin will benefit from too since we’ll be developing together.

How does it work?

Zelwin have made several ways of earning, up to one’s decision.

The WIN-WIN strategy is everywhere:

  1. People invite Sellers from all over the world to website Zelwin.com and receive adequate commission from all of their sales
    – It’s very profitable for Sellers, too. Free registration, no subscription fees, commission only from real sales. Zero risks, albeit an additional sales channel
  2. People invite Buyers to this platform (using a referral URL’s link in their personal account) and receive 20% of cashback from them
    – It’s profitable for Buyers to use a referral link of those people because then their cashback is doubled
  3. People sell Zelwin’s “Partner’s packages” and receive up to 30% of commission from sales
    – For Partners who bought Zelwin’s packages it’s profitable to purchase everything through the people in Zelwin system, because then they receive double the amount of tokens.

In other words, Zelwin are developing a Marketplace for the People. No restrictions. Absolutely anyone can join. Some will be able to earn greatly, some will not. But Zelwin are giving this chance to everyone without an exception. It will be beneficial to people, to platform and to sellers – all parties; and that will allow Zelwin to create a massive community! For investors a special offers with discounts. Contact with n@zelwin.com

About ZELWIN.com – Global Marketplace of Goods

Online trading platform ZELWIN where combined digital assets and e-commerce.

A huge advantage of this platform that for every purchase, customers get guaranteed cashback in ZLW tokens. They instantly be able to exchange these tokens for various cryptocurrencies, USD/EUR, send them to VISA/MasterCard or save them up.

In addition, it’s ready-made product with a clear business model and with a mass adoption.

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