Zero-Cast Exhibits At World Orthopaedic Convention (Sept 2021)

Zero-Cast is exhibiting its range of medical devices at the largest international gathering of orthopaedic clinicians, the American Academy Of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  Occurring early September 2021 in San Diego, surgeons and the medical device industry are meeting together ‘in-person’ for the first time since March 2019. While the ongoing pandemic means that not all companies can attend an in-person exhibition, Zero-Cast will be on-site at exhibit booth #4343. While attending the AAOS, they will demonstrate their devices and discuss new treatments with leading clinicians from the United States and around the world.

At this conference, they will be exhibiting their Zero-Cast Wx (wrist fracture treatment) and a series of new upper limb devices for the treatment of finger injuries (Mx & Vx). Wrist, finger and arm injuries account for the largest proportion of musculoskeletal injuries presenting to clinics throughout the world.

Zero-Cast Wx is their first product to market.  It is an innovative wrist-fracture stabilisation system. It replaces heavy and uncomfortable plaster arm casts and allows for a vastly improved patient healing experience. Being waterproof and lightweight, patients can undertake most normal activities without the restrictions of a heavy, cumbersome cast. Clinics and healthcare professionals appreciate that Zero-Cast is quick-to-apply and easy to adjust, ensuring the fracture is correctly stabilised and fast healing can take place.

Zero-Cast technology is being exported from New Zealand into world-leading institutions and is set to create a revolution in wrist fracture-healing treatment as its popularity increases.

Zero-Cast’s range of impressive medical technology has been developed from its start-up headquarters in Albany (North Shore, Auckland). The business was founded by a local surgeon/designer Dr Pranesh Kumar and Steve Hamilton, a medical technology business leader and investor.  

Zero-Cast has been a finalist in the Medical Technology Association Of New Zealand’s Innovation awards. “MTANZ believes that locally developed medical technology shows tremendous innovation in the NZ health technology market. Innovation is so essential to deliver better outcomes for patients and improve efficiencies in the NZ healthcare system,” said MTANZ chief executive Faye Sumner, CNZM.

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Zero-Cast – the company

Zero-Cast (the wholly-owned trading subsidiary of Surgisplint Limited) was founded in 2013 by Dr Pranesh Kumar, surgeon-inventor and Mr Steve Hamilton, a medical-technology investor. Their head-office facility is based in Albany, Auckland, New Zealand, with a US-based company in Houston, Texas. 

Surgisplint has obtained international regulatory approvals and holds over 15 patents and numerous trademarks for its Zero-Cast range of products that are manufactured and assembled to ISO-13485 standard. The device has also obtained HCPCS coding for reimbursement in the US. They are backed by a small group of individual investors from NZ & are currently seeking investment.  Website: 

Zero-Cast illustrates their new finger products that are being released at the AAOS meeting in San Diego, California.

About Zero-Cast

Zero-Cast is seeking investment for:

  • Translation of interest expressed by lead-clinicians into widespread patient usage.
  • The US market is the primary focus with 1 million wrist fractures per annum.
  • The company is seeking a minimum of US$2M/NZ$3M (equity of 11.1%) and a maximum of US$4M/NZ$6M (equity of 20.1%) investment capital.
  • The funds will be used to establish a sales channel into major US markets and expand coverage by the provision of inventory levels, marketing, logistics & sales support. Funds will also support the development and market entry of a new SMART version of the wrist device & the launch of the finger-product range. Zero-Cast’s range of medical technology will establish Surgisplint/Zero-Cast as a niche provider of musculoskeletal orthotic technology for the upper limb.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has brought telemedicine into mainstream usage. Zero-Cast has developed a proof-of-concept SMART version* of Zero-Cast with embedded sensors that can communicate with a smartphone APP. This is a priority opportunity throughout the world during C-19, we are currently in a position, looking for urgent investment to help deliver this unique offer to meet an emergent demand.

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